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Play a simple, yet engaging game of connect pipes. Your goal is to connect as many pipes and water as many flowers as you can. The more you connect, the bigger and bigger scores you get. With over 350 levels this game will provide you with an incredible amount of challenges and fun.
Ready to train your brain and put your logical skills to the test? Download and play now this awesome and free game of connect pipes. 351 FREE levels for you to enjoy.

★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★
Connect Water Pipes features:
✓ 351 free levels of exciting fun filled with amazing challenges that will keep your brain active. Each new level will present you with a different objective.
✓ 3 game objectives: 
• water a certain number of flowers
• connect a certain number of pipes
• or both
✓ Each level must be completed within a limited number of turns
✓ 5 types of pipes
✓ HD quality graphics and animations that will look great on your phone and tablet
✓ wonderful sound effects and music
✓ suitable for both adults and kids alike
✓ Engaging, progressively more difficult as you move up through the levels!

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Play an addicting game of connect bubbles! Match and connect bubbles of the same colour to make them pop.The bigger the group, the bigger the score you obtain. And the more you play, the more addicting it gets.

★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★
Connect Bubbles Quest features:
✓ 300+ levels, each one unique and filled with amazing challenges. A fantastic challenge for you to enjoy!
✓ Daily Rewards. You will receive a daily reward for each day you play.
✓ 2 types of levels: timed levels and levels with limited moves
✓ 3 game objectives: achieve the target score, break all diamond and crystal cells and pearl hunting
✓ 10 types of power-ups . Use them to complete and win more advanced levels.
✓ 6 types of bonuses. Use them to achieve bigger scores
✓ 3 types of obstacles: stones, rocks and bars
✓ HD quality graphics for your tablet and phone.
✓ You will be rewarded each time you connect bigger groups of bubbles with bigger scores and special bubbles, that you will be able to connect later on.

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