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Fond of scoring goals? Play coin football to satisfy your competition thirst. In just three moves you can score your goal. You will face the computer as a tireless opponent. Develop your skill and you will finally win.

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Your fridge was invaded by ninja bugs. Start fighting them before they throw all the food out. You have three bottles of ketchup to finish them off. Fight well as the ninja bugs are worthy opponents. In the end the best warrior will win.

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The Earth is facing its doom as enemy ships from dark corners of the galaxy are invading the Solar System.  Protect the Earth by fighting against them. You have a powerful ship at your commands, and lots of bonuses to catch. In the end you will succeed.

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Start feeding the chicks  as they are getting hungry. Each time a chick comes out feed her a drop of milk. Be diligent and keep the rhythm. Once you start you'll need to feed them without pause to quench their appetite.

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Develop your shooting skills with this nice duck hunting game. Spot the flying duck and shoot it before it leaves the scene. Winning the game is a matter of how precise you shoot.  So take aim and shoot well.


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Exercise your shooting skills with this elegant archery game. Move the bow up and down to shoot arrows at a moving row of balloons. To acquire precision train yourself well, as experience is invaluable.


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