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The flying pig invaders are here to take down mankind.  Alien pigs have invaded the sky and threaten the Earth with their sophisticated weaponry.  Fight them and keep Earth safe.  Destroy them and collect bonuses to win the final battle.

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Roll the ball down to crash the flying pods. Bounce the ball on the pods to make them fall and win points. Keep the ball bouncing back by choosing your landing pod wisely.

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Roll the ball through the maze and win bonuses. Tip the phone left to right to move the ball down the holes. As the game progresses rapidly get prepared to act fast and swiftly. No time to think just slide the ball down as fast as you can.

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Calculate your ideal body weight. Knowing your ideal body weight can be an important factor in your health. If you are trying to lose, or even gain weight - your goal should be a healthy weight within the ranges that studies have deemed the healthiest.

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This calculator allows you to estimate your basal metabolism rate (BMR). This is the total number of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed all day.

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Play a captivating game of basketball. Adjust your trajectory and shoot. See how many points you can score and improve your performance by playing.


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