Hangman Mobile



Play hangman - a captivating word guessing game. You can test your mastery with words from different categories. Just choose your favorite category and press start. Try different letters to discover the right answer while avoiding the more improbable ones.


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Break Bubbles



Play a nice game of bubble breaking. Break bubbles before the time runs out. Don't break the red bubbles or you'll lose points. The bubbles move faster as the game advances so you'll need to concentrate better in order to win.

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Bubble Blaster



Play a captivating game of bubble blasting. Form strings of 3 or more same-color bubbles to blast them away. The bubbles move in a spiral fashion so you need to blast them before they reach the center. Placing your bubbles to form strings requires good aiming so train yourself well.

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Aquarium Fish Tank



Have your own marine aquarium on your phone. 7 different fish species to enjoy watching. Turn your device into an aquarium. It also has bubbles and light effects.


★ ★ ★  FEATURES ★ ★ ★ 


✓ realistic aquarium animation

✓ beautiful tropical fish

✓ 7 different fish species


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Checkers Mobile



Play a captivating game of checkers. Jump over pieces to reach the other side before your opponent does. Find chains of jumps to move faster while denying the opponent that chance. A simple and fun game to play - just try it!

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