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Bubble Buster Quest is so much different than similar games. Unlike other match 3 puzzle games you may have tried, the bubble busting action in this game takes place on a hexagonal grid. You will find this game fun and easy to play. All you have to do is tap on a group of 3 or more bubbles, and those bubbles will pop, almost magically.



● You get rewarded each time when you bust bigger groups. Not only that you get bigger scores, but also special bubbles.

● You can get even bigger scores with multipliers, silver coins, golden coins and diamonds placed above the bubbles.

● At advanced levels you will be challenged with new objectives such as timed levels or having to break diamond and crystal cells.



● You can play more than 340+ handcrafted levels, each one unique and filled with amazing challenges. Truly epic!

● Enjoy HD quality graphics that will look great on any tablet or phone.

● Addictive, suitably challenging as you move up through the levels!


You can connect to Facebook if you want, to share your achievements and receive lives from your friends. No need to worry. We do not send any messages to your Facebook friends. And you can control what you share by going to Settings > Other Settings. You can still play this game without a Facebook connection.

★ Google Play Game Services
Log in with your Google Account and try to collect all the achievements. Delightful and simple, these goals will push you and your bubble popping skills to the limits. Compete with your friends and circles for the highest scores on the Leaderboards!

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Play a captivating game of Hearts. To win you must avoid getting the scoring cards. The game is over when one of the four players gains more or exactly 100 points. You win if you have the smallest score. Though chance is involved you can still make the best of your moves and win.

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Blackjack is a simple game of cards in which you win by skillfully pondering your chances. Ask for cards or stand in order to be the closest to 21 without going higher. If you have a total of 21,then you have a blackjack. Rightly evaluating your chances is not that simple so play on to acquire that knowledge and experience.

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Play a nice game of bubble sorting and blasting. Rotate and move left or right the bubble-block to form a same-color group. When the same-color group is made up of four or more bubbles the group blasts and you score. The bigger the group you blast the more points you score. Finding an optimal position to land your bubble-block can be tricky so the experience you get while playing will be worthwhile.

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Play an exciting game of bubbles busting. Bust groups of adjacent bubbles with just one touch. The larger the group the bigger the reward. As you play more and more the easier it becomes to spot the large more rewarding groups.

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