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Have a nice night companion with this handy app. A simple clock display combined with a useful night light. Tap or clap to make the light shine brighter or to turn it off.


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This app helps you record your voice. The maximum recording length is 60 seconds. To record just press the Record button. To finish recording press the Stop button. To play the recording you should press the Play button. You can select a region to be played by press and drag. The selected region will be grayed.

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Solar Meter is an app that measures how much solar light is your phone receiving.

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Sound Level is an app for measuring sound intensity. The maximum decibel value that can be measured is 90 dB. To capture a measure reading just press Hold. To return to continuous reading press the Release button.

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Mosquito Repeller is an app that tries to repel mosquitoes using high frequency sounds. Though some studies found this method ineffective you may still try this for yourself. Some mosquitoes may not react at all to this app, but you may still try. You can vary the frequency using the slider. The frequency ranges from 14,000 Hz to 24,000 Hz. Take care though of the phone speakers as high frequency sounds are quite an exertion. This application is fun for testing your hearing sensitivity for high frequencies. Enjoy it!

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Max Sound gives you the chance to produce maximum sounds with your phone. Just press the start button to produce the sound. You can adjust the frequency of the sound using the slider. The frequencies range is from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz.


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