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This is a quick and simple drawing app for your phone.

★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★
✓ You can choose the drawing mode from the four available. 
✓ You can draw freely. 
✓ You can sketch with lines. 
✓ Or you can draw rectangles or rectangles' frames. 
✓ You can set the pen size.
✓ You may choose a different drawing color. 
✓ Use the reset button to clear the drawing. 
✓ Use the undo button to undo a draw action.

Although simple this app can help you create beautiful drawings if you just try.

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It's easy ! It's simple ! It's fast ! Music Square is a new and simple way to compose your own music. No music knowledge required! Just light the squares and the music will play. The squares on the same row are played at the same time followed a moment later by the row underneath them. You can even adjust the tempo and the volume.

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The purpose of the game is to match kanji squares. Drag one kanji above another to make a pair disappear. The game is won when all squares are gone.

★ ★ ★  FEATURES ★ ★ ★ 

✓ 2000  kanji

✓ intuitive gameplay

✓ daily/monthly/all time highscores


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