Thermal Vision


This is a handy app that simulates night vision. The view will emulate the images taken with an infrared cam. You can fool your friends in believing you turned your phone in the ultimate night spy. It’s too good to be true as this is only an elaborate prank app. 




★ ★ ★  FEATURES ★ ★ ★ 

✓ real-time video shooting  

✓ intuitive interface

✓ advanced image processing algorithms

★ ★ ★  TIPS ★ ★ ★ 

✓ Point the camera to the place you want to view.

✓ Press the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the zoom factor of the camera.

 It supports the following families of devices :

  • S60 5th Edition
  • Symbian^3  Anna
  • Symbian^3  Belle
  • Nokia N9
  • Android 2.1 and up
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