Battle Earth


Save the Earth from the alien invasion. Shoot any UFO that tries to evade you. Play an exciting game with lots of bonuses to catch and UFOs to destroy.


★ ★ ★  FEATURES ★ ★ ★ 

✓ 18 challenging levels

✓ intuitive interface

✓ daily/monthly/all time highscores

★ ★ ★  TIPS ★ ★ ★ 

✓ Drag the control-bar at the bottom to move your spaceship.

✓ Once you press on the control-bar the ship will start to fire.

✓ Destroy the UFOs before they reach the bottom of the screen.

✓ When an UFO is destroyed a bonus may be released.

✓ There are 17 kinds of bonuses.

✓ The intensity of the bonuses if symbolized by their color in this order: green, blue, red, yellow, white.

✓ The bonuses marked with -F- influence the type of the shells your ship fires.

✓ The bonuses marked with -R- represent the fire rate.

✓ The bonuses marked with - - - represent the agility of your ship, that is how fast the ship conforms to your commands.

✓ The bonuses marked with -3- enables the 3 cannon option for the ship.

✓ The bonuses with a ship picture on them gives you an extra ship.

✓ The efect of the bonuses lasts for only 1 minute so be careful and collect new ones.

✓ The state of a bonus type and the time it lasts is pictured in the info-bar.

✓ Each time an UFO passes your guard or hits your ship you lose one ship.

✓ For each UFO destroyed your score increases by 1 point.

✓ The first number in the info-bar represent the score.

✓ The second number represents the score you have to achieve to pass to a new level.

✓ To adjust the sound volume use the volume slider in the main menu.

✓ To turn the sound on and off press on the -speaker- symbol in the main menu.

✓ To pause the game just enter the main menu. 

It supports the following families of devices :

  • S60 5th Edition
  • Symbian^3  Anna
  • Symbian^3  Belle
  • Nokia N9
  • Android 2.1 and up
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